About Judy Bruns

Judy Bruns

With a background in education and language arts, Judy Bruns is the author of the childrenís books, Hattie and Her 43 Cats and Donnie Lost in the Cornfield. Brunsís books reach out to friends and family of people with mental handicaps. Her Hattie book has received applauding reviews from Saturday Evening Post senior editor Holly Miller and from Virginia Bell, author of The Best Friendís Approach to Alzheimerís Care. President of Life Issues Institute, Dr. J.C. Willke, has described the Donnie book as, ďa real life glimpse of how a loving family relates to a mentally handicapped child.Ē

Judy Bruns has been published in hometown and Christian newspapers, in magazines and other publications. She has done short-term mission work in the United States and in Haiti, and has been interviewed by Fox News, CBN News, the Washington Times, World magazine, and other media regarding her involvement in human justice issues. Working as a middle school language arts teacher in Ohio, she models for her students a love of writing.

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