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Author and Ohio teacher Judy Bruns models for her students a love for the written word. Published in newspapers, magazines, and other media, she is now meeting with positive reviews in the world of children’s books. Hattie and Her 43 Cats, her most recent children’s story, addresses the onset of Alzheimer’s with the compassion and sensitivity fitting for a young audience. Her first book, Donnie, Lost in the Cornfield, follows an event in the life of a young, mentally handicapped boy.

Hattie and Her 43 Cats

Hattie and Her 43 Cats

In Hootin’ Holler County, Hattie’s house is in disrepair, and her rambunctious cats need tending to. It doesn’t help that her mind is failing her, besides. . . Bruns reminds us that we are never to forget the dignity of the human person, in spite of the disease.



Donnie - Lost in the Cornfield

Donnie Lost In The Cornfield

It’s bad enough to be lost in a cornfield, but what if you’re a child and mentally handicapped, too? Here’s a children’s book to show that love reaches beyond disabilities.

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